So long to security? ‘GrayKey’ box picks the locks on Apple’s iPhones


After the San Bernardino terror attack and the subsequent battle over unlocking one of the attacker’s iPhones, Apple made it clear they did not want to build a “back door” into the iPhones’ security features. Law enforcement then went out into the tech world and quickly found someone who could crack the phone – a Israeli company called Cellebrite.

Once the phone was unlocked, it seemed, the controversy died down. But now, law enforcement agencies are apparently snapping up a new iPhone cracking solution from an American company, Greyshift, and it’s called the “GrayKey” device. Agencies can use the device 300 times for $15,000, and it apparently requires an internet connection. But there’s also a $30,000 “offline” version that gives agencies unlimited usage. Cyber security firm Malwarebytes details how the device works, and says the small GreyKey box poses “serious  security concerns,” especially the offline model, which is small enough to be pocketed.

Once out in the wild, it would no doubt fetch a pretty penny from nefarious actors. It could also be reverse-engineered and copied. Malwarebytes says the GrayKey device apparently works on all current iPhone models, and while there hasn’t been any public statement so far about the device from Apple, we can probably assume they are working to close the door on the GrayKey machine’s abilities. Story:

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4 thoughts on “So long to security? ‘GrayKey’ box picks the locks on Apple’s iPhones

  • April 13, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    First one to comment and I like to have the Gmail future where you can delete emails all at one time will be nice to have

  • April 14, 2018 at 4:27 am

    Mainly Criminals use the Apple iPhone for that reason… I think Law enforcement should have access to them for state security.. I bet some agencies prevent the use of iPhones for this reason..

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