Google Owlchemy’s ‘Simulator’ turns vacation into spectating

Google‘s Owlchemy Labs is experimenting with ARcore to take its games to the next level — by taking players on a virtual getaway.

“Vacation Simulator” — a follow up to the lab’s hit game, “Job Simulator” — is set in the year 2060. The premise involves robots (the same ones who stole most of humanity’s jobs in “Job Simulator”) doing some research, and discovering that when people were not working, they would take vacations.

In this particular simulation, however, robots creating the environment for humans are struggling to grasp the concept of vacation. Unlike “Job Simulator,” the new game will feature a significantly more expanded environment instead of different ones confined to dedicated levels.

Not only will players have more landscape to explore, but they’ll have more of a narrative, as robots interact more within the virtual reality (VR) simulation.

“There’s multiple different zones on the beach itself where you can interact. You can go play in the water. You can go build sandcastles, grill hot dogs,” and a few other things, said Owlchemy Labs’ CEO, Devin Reimer

“The game is a much bigger undertaking than ‘Job Simulator’ was. It opens up a lot more interesting things inside VR,” he added.

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