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The Adhesives, artificial, purposes China book presents 14 years ancient and Forecast info out there for every of the fifty three items and Markets lined. the goods and Markets coated (Adhesives, man made, functions) are categorized via the foremost items after which additional outlined and analysed through every one subsidiary Product or industry region. additionally complete monetary info (188 goods: old and Forecast stability Sheet, monetary Margins and Ratios) facts is equipped, in addition to facts (59 goods) for China.


1. Adhesives, artificial, via use
2. Adhesives, artificial, family & place of work use
3. Adhesives, man made, textile to expanded/foam plastic laminates
4. Adhesives, artificial, foil to paper
5. Adhesives, artificial, for abrasives & grinding wheels
6. Adhesives, man made, for air con installations
7. Adhesives, man made, for bookbinding
8. Adhesives, man made, for bricks, tiles & concrete
9. Adhesives, man made, for ceramics, quartz & mica
10. Adhesives, artificial, for cigarette papers
11. Adhesives, artificial, for coachwork
12. Adhesives, man made, for cork & felt
13. Adhesives, artificial, for electrical & digital components
14. Adhesives, man made, for flocking
15. Adhesives, man made, for ground coverings
16. Adhesives, man made, for footwear
17. Adhesives, man made, for friction lining bonding
18. Adhesives, man made, for hole filling
19. Adhesives, man made, for glass
20. Adhesives, artificial, for jewellery
21. Adhesives, artificial, for leather
22. Adhesives, artificial, for clinical equipment
23. Adhesives, man made, for metals
24. Adhesives, artificial, for normal rubber
25. Adhesives, artificial, for paper, cardboard & stationery
26. Adhesives, artificial, for plastics
27. Adhesives, artificial, for monitor printing applications
28. Adhesives, man made, for self-adhesive tapes & sheets
29. Adhesives, artificial, for shipbuilding & marine applications
30. Adhesives, artificial, for stone
31. Adhesives, artificial, for surgical applications
32. Adhesives, man made, for man made rubber & neoprene/polychloroprene (CR)
33. Adhesives, artificial, for cloth fabrics
34. Adhesives, artificial, for the meals & beverage industry
35. Adhesives, artificial, for the packaging industry
36. Adhesives, artificial, for toys
37. Adhesives, man made, for transmission belts
38. Adhesives, artificial, for wallpaper
39. Adhesives, man made, for wood
40. Adhesives, man made, glass to metal
41. Adhesives, artificial, hardening
42. Adhesives, artificial, paper to paper & paper to cardboard laminates
43. Adhesives, artificial, plastic to fabric
44. Adhesives, artificial, plastic to metal
45. Adhesives, artificial, plastic to wood
46. Adhesives, man made, plastic-paper laminates
47. Adhesives, artificial, remoistenable, for gummed tapes & envelopes
48. Adhesives, artificial, rubber to fabric
49. Adhesives, man made, rubber to metal
50. Adhesives, artificial, to aerospace specifications
51. Adhesives, man made, customised
52. Adhesives, artificial, obvious, for optical use
53. Adhesives, artificial, purposes, NSK

There are 188 monetary goods coated, together with:
Total revenues, Pre-tax revenue, curiosity Paid, Non-trading source of revenue, working revenue, Depreciation, buying and selling revenue, resources, Capital Expenditure, Retirements, shares / stock, borrowers, prone bought, present resources, overall resources, collectors, Loans, present Liabilities, internet resources / Capital hired, Shareholders money, staff, procedure bills, enter offers + strength bills, Remunerations, Sub Contractors, condo & Leasing, upkeep, communique, charges, revenues charges, Distribution, Premises, dealing with, actual technique, ads, After-Sales expenditures, advertising expenses, R + D Expenditure, Operational Costs.
/.. etc.

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